Artist Statement

Curiosity is my lodestar.  I keep a specimen collection of insects and bones and take great pleasure in studying their structure.  They are Masterworks of design and function.  Working in the traditional media of oil and watercolor, I use abstract and figurative painting as a means of metaphor.  

Observation is inspiration.  Many of my works contain circles.  These shapes, rich in symbolic meaning, are the fruit of my scrutiny of a Pachinko machine I encountered in my childhood.  I spent hours with my nose to the glass of this small box, a beautiful and highly mechanical pinball machine designed as diversion and entertainment in Japan.  They have an interesting cultural history and are ingenious devices.

The best way to learn is to teach.* I studied visual art and criticism and earned an MFA in painting.  I have taught drawing and continue to learn through teaching art history.  I maintain a studio practice and am especially interested in art theory and the connection of art and the transcendent. 

I have a dual calling to make works of art and to serve Christ and His church.  I am a student at Cranmer Theological House where I am training to enter the order of deaconess while serving Holy Cross Anglican Church in the remote area of the Big Bend.

*Frank Oppenheimer